Really, you actually clicked the “About” button? I was kinda hopping nobody would ever do that, but since YOU did…I guess you have to read all this stuff now, right? You can’t just close this page and waste your click like that…I mean, who does that? What kind of a person are you?

Well, here’s the thing my wider visioned visitor: there’s a world of bricks out there and it’s waiting for us to build it!

Yes, I said it, I said it cause I can…today I don’t feel like doing anything…Wait, what? Let’s go back…we’re talking brick toys here man, alternative construction toys or building block toys as you may call them…I don’t know how you call them, what am I a mind reader? And there’s lots of them out there and have been for a long time!

Sure, LEGO is the best, don’t give me that, we’re not going anywhere if you open up that talk. I agree!

On the other hand, I wish I was a billionaire, so freaking bad…to much Bruno Mars? No, really, I really wish I was really rich so that I could afford all those really expensive LEGO sets, that somehow seem to be getting more expensive every year! Should have put another “really” somewhere in there…That’s crazy, right? No, not the “really” part, that was a lame joke, I mean if they keep that pricing policy, only Bill Gates’ nephews are gonna play with LEGO in the near future!

And please LEGO, stop pretending to care about people killing people and bring in those God damn military sets for Christ’s sake! You have swords and knives in you armory, you hypocrites! What’s the more gruesome way to murder somebody, shoot them or stab them? Ha?

Luckily for me, and you, if you share my views, and like I said in the beginning, there’s a world of compatible brick toys out there, just waiting to reveal itself to us! And we’re gonna talk a lot about that here 🙂

So, feel free to contribute by sharing your views as comments, I encourage conversation and welcome you on this great journey!

PS: sometimes, in the heat of the moment, I might use strong language…like bananas and peaches, get it?