ENLIGHTEN Police Battle Force: best brick Police series ever!?

This is quite a daring statement, ain’t it? Well, I’m a daring man when it comes to my bricks, so I take full responsibility of it 🙂

As many of you may well know by now, 2016 (or was it 2015?…no, I think it’s mostly 2016) was a turning point in the history of ENLIGHTEN. Well, I’m sure the effort behind the move stretches a long way back, but 2016 is my reference point. So, what happened exactly? Well, ENLIGHTEN decided they could become really good at what they’re doing and came out with a lot of new and very-very interesting sets. Unprecedentedly good for this particular brand and some of the most interesting and daring in the history of all Chinese clone brands I would say.

Besides these new sets and radical new designs, ENLIGHTEN have also changed their molds, newer bricks being branded ENLI on the studs, and plastic. The quality jump is clearly visible, though the level is not quite as high as GUDI, STAR DIAMOND or LEPIN. Still, it’s far better than what we were used with from this brand.

These new series include City, Space Adventure, Legendary Pirates and Cherry (for girls)while existing ones like Combat Zones and Police received a massive facelift. The latter’s is probably the best thing that could have happened to a Police themed series in the whole world of brick toys. I mean it!

There are 18 sets in this line, called Police Battle Force! Eighteen, from 1901 to 1918! And there is only one set (1902) that features a single minifigure! All other sets have 2 or more minifigures included. You get 50 characters from the whole series; some bad guys repeat, but you can switch some heads arround and you still get 25 different police minifigures. I think that’s cool, to say the least.

Most sets feature some kind of Police vehicle but there is so much bad guy action to; the criminals even have an MI-24 helicopter they use to hijack a safe, how freaking awesome is that?

Basically, the whole series is like a mix between LEGO Police and Ultra Agents…there, I found a comparison 🙂

The first four sets of the series (1901-1904) are also the smallest, in the range of 100 pieces each. Even so, you get 7 different characters with them, including a woman officer.

1901: SWAT Hunt – A one seat Police car chasing some pink mohawk punk crook. Heard ENLIGHTEN are using decals now, as opposed to older sets where they used printed parts. Don’t know about this line, but I mentioned that because the Police logo on the car’s hood is rad: a lion’s head inside a winged badge!

1902: Escadrille – It’s a mini helicopter used by what seems to be a terrorist, from a scary G.I. Joe Cobra like organization. The chopper design is very nice and it comes with Gatling guns. Police, better watch out!

1903: Sea SWAT Team – It’s just a small hover boat, don’t get to excited! There’s a Police officer who’s not wearing his life jacket and a forensic diver with a spear gun. Sea SWAT Team my ass…

1904: Acts Of Evil – Knievel maybe. The bad guy is trying to outrun the Police in an overpowered go-kart and I say he’s nailed it. But to call him evil just for that, come on!

The following four sets are in the 150-200 pieces range and things start to get very interesting 🙂

1905: Thunder Sniper – The pink mohawk villain again, riding a red motorcycle and shooting an M16 assault riffle at a Police Helicopter; the chopper has a mounted heavy machine gun, cause five-o ought to be bad ass like that in a villain infested city 😉 As to why they call it Thunder Sniper

1906: Manhunt – What appears to be a very cool looking 4 seat Police Jeep or Land Rover, chasing some lady thug 🙂 She’s got purple hair and a gun, while the cop only got a pair of handcuffs…so, he’s a little under-armed. Manhunt is a good name for this, but might just be the other way around :))

1907: Remote Assault – Because there is a remote controlled bug-drone that shoots at the Police truck; of course, the Police truck has a mounted machine gun. I’m starting to think the action takes place is Juarez.

1908: Interpol Attack – So, the Interpol recently got some huge ass ATV’s, didn’t you hear? Never mind that, the bad guy is one BMF, coming at this huge vehicle with a baseball bat. No idea why they call it Interpol Attack…

Sets 1905-1908 feature a total of eight characters, the pink mohawk bad guy being the only minifigure to repeat itself in the first eight sets of the series.

Well, I’m taking them by number of pieces, in case you didn’t figure that out, so here’s the next five sets of Police Battle Force, 1909-1913. They each have from 250 to 300 pieces.

1909: SWAT – Yeah, you could say there’s a special forces guy behind that sniper riffle, so OK, let it be SWAT! The bad guy’s truck, which is a two seater, opens up from the top to reveal a missile launcher.

1910: Detective Attack – Now that’s a funny ass name for a brick toy set :)) By the looks, it’s the detective who’s being attacked, by a white Mr. T looking thug with a rocket launcher. Outlaws in “Crime City” get rocket launchers 😉 Really cool Police car design, again a two seater.

1911: Secret Arrest – What? Anyway, just look at that aircraft man! Isn’t that the coolest looking police flying thing you’ve ever seen in a brick set? Very nice futuristic design to it and armed to the teeth.

1912: Exposes Attacks – Hmm, random name choice? This time, the bad guys get a big truck. It opens up for some reason, I’m guessing it’s an IED… And it most likely carries some dangerous substances 😉

1913: Police ambushes – There’s more than one ambush I suppose, it’s a place where the Police gets ambushed a lot 🙂 Very nice details, the pink mohawk guy appears for the third time so far and has a build from scratch motorcycle. I think he’s like a Joker for this series 😉

You get a total of 11 minifigures from sets 1909-1913; the pink mohawk guy, the purple hair woman and the white hair dude repeat themselves from previous sets.

Next, we get just a couple sets, around 400 pieces each.


1914: Racing Arrest Warrant – I think I got it, this is how ENLIGHTEN comes up with these names: there is a brainstorming OK? The people at the table get a picture of the set and they have to come up with words resonating with what they see. If they get to many words, they just put them all in…makes sense?  You get the bad guy from the go-kart set, I told you he got away, only this time he’s got a racing car and the Police is after him in a helicopter and an ATV. I swear to you, I would get this for the cactus 🙂

1915: Tiger Out – Forget about brainstorming, it’s just random words play! Right, the cops go HALO on the villains asses, they get this huge buggy with a three barrel heavy machine gun. And they’re gonna need all the fire power, cause the bad guys got jet packs and come in airborne!

As expected, the last three sets of the series are the biggest ones. You get two at around 600 pieces each and a station with a piece count of 950!

1916: Prison Break – So this is a prison by the sea…Cool! It’s white Mr. T escaping and four Police officers trying to prevent him from doing that. You get a Police helicopter and speed boat and a bad guy speed boat with anti-aircraft guns 🙂

1917: Ghost Recon – This has the potential to become an iconic ENLIGHTEN set! It’s a slightly modified MI-24 Hind helicopter that the bad guys use for heavy safe box lifting. Get this and the 1911 set, it’s going to be an epic battle in the skies!

1918 – Mobile Police Station – It’s a 2 in 1 set, you can build a truck, hence the “mobile” in the name. It’s a big station, with a lot of detail I’m sure.

The last three sets will provide you with another 17 minifigures. I think all bad guys are in here, except for the pink mohawk punk.

I’ve been sarcastic about the names of the sets, but I really mean it when I say this is maybe the coolest Police themed series in the history of brick toys. LEGO has boundaries it won’t pass, but Chinese brands don’t care, that’s how you get Police with weapons and bad guys with rocket launchers 🙂

So, what do you make of these? Do you like this series as much as I do? Leave your comments below and make sure to visit CloneBricks.com every now and then, I’ll be here 😉


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