What am I talking about, you may wonder!?

Well, over the past few years the fake brand market has been flooded with some rather unusual sets. These sets combine the original idea, normally taken from LEGO, with a touch of new from the bootleggers.

Still not making any sense? Here’s an example:

^^ If you know your LEGO, you’ll quickly realize this is not some faked official release. I mean the theme is obviously copied and while the box-art strikingly resembles that of the original Marvel Super Heroes from LEGO, something doesn’t feel right.

And it shouldn’t, like I said if you know your game, because this is not a 100% knock-off 🙂 Most likely, this is based on some fan MOC that SHENG YUAN found online or even better, they’ve come up with the design themselves.

This kind of sets I like to put in the Gray Area: not entirely fakes, but not worthy of the clone brand status either. I mean come on, they copy pretty much everything else but the build itself!

There are a lot of knock-off brands doing this nowadays and the most frequently (ab)used themes are Ninjago, Super Heroes and Minecraft. Some put little effort, while others go a long distance to come up with very interesting and appealing designs.

While the cons are subject to a never ending debate, the pros are quite numerous and if you’re an alternative bricks fan like me you’ll love these.

I hope you get the idea and now you understand what this Gray Area thing is all about. I’ll create an entire album dedicated to this particular subject on’s Facebook page, so you’ll be able to see more sets THERE.

So, what do you think about this? Do you have a favorite Gray Area set? Are these available where you live? Leave your comments bellow and if you want to see more, bookmark or follow my blog 🙂